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Greenhouse Yoga,
45 Main St., South Egremont, MA
(413) 591-3108

What to expect:

Please wear loose comfortable clothing. 

When you enter the studio, I will invite you to grab a yoga mat and a blanket to lay down on, and you will find a place in the room that is comfortable for you. When everyone has arrived and is settled, I will speak briefly about the benefits of sound healing, in general, and specifically, the didgeridoo - as well as the singing bowls, native flute, rattles and jaw harp. I will also share about the overall flow of session, so there are no surprises.

Then, we will shift to our intention-setting practice. One principle from sound healing is says that SOUND + INTENTION = HEALING.

We work with this principle, and allows for the Sound Bath to generate greater focus, insight and positive impact in your holistic wellbeing. To set our intention, we use the simple power of humming and toning the vowel sounds. I will guide you through a easy-to-follow practice of group humming and toning to support you to connect with your authentic intention for being here, at the Sound Bath, and to generate a sense of connectedness among all of the participants.

After you connect with your intention, I will invite you to lay down and let yourself relax into the bath of healing sounds. That is why we call it a SoundBath! This portion will last for about forty-five minutes. Then, I will invite you to slowly return to a seated position, and we will conclude our session together with another brief humming and toning practice, to support you to ground and integrate the experience.

Lastly, I always leave time for everyone to share their experience and/or ask a question. It is helpful for everyone to both give voice to and articulate in words this experience, which is literally beyond words. Speaking about the experience helps you to integrate it and bring the positive gifts and insights into your everyday life. It is also very affirming to hear others share their experience and hear something that they said, that you can relate to from your experience - this is very affirming and validating.

And, that’s it!

I am confident that you will leave the SoundBath feeling renewed, re-energized and reconnected to your inspiration to live your life more fully.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly. I look forward to seeing you there!

As sound healing has deep roots in the the ancient wisdom traditions,
this modality brings an approach to healing that is
thorough, reliable, beautiful, and fun. 

Through discussion of sound principles
and a vocal meditation consisting of humming and the vowel sounds,
we enter into the sound journey with intention and coherence.

With the guidance offered through sound,
the meditative state is easily accessible
and we can resonate with the highest form of health. 

Lev have been in practice as a sound therapist
and leadership coach since 2011. 

Testomonials are from AcuSoundBaths, which Lev also offers with his wife, Sarah Natan.

"The combination of the healing sounds with the acupuncture treatment elevated the experience to a higher level."  - Andie San Pietro, Psycho-Spiritual Intuitive Counselor Feng Shui Consultant, and author of two best selling books, Feng Shui: Harmony By Design and Feng Shui & Health: The Anatomy of A Home


"I am so happy that Lev and Serra have teamed up to offer us the best of the best.  The combination of sound and acupuncture together, is just the right combo. I recommend this offering to everyone and anyone, even pets!  

I find that this treatment breaks up the stagnant, often negative energy that gets trapped in my body. This stagnation often leads to dis-ease and physical manifestations.  After a session, I walk out in a state of bliss and realignment.  Positive physical and emotional changes are evident. I feel as if a reset button was pressed.  

As a teacher, I would love to see lunchtime relaxation sessions or after school sessions offered in the schools for my extremely stressed colleagues.  This would also be a positive offering for any business or office as we know when you are happy and less stressed at work, productivity often increases." - Allan Hirsch, Science Teacher & College Adjust

"The combination of everything - the beautiful space, your warm hearts, the sound, the acupuncture - I got taken back to my childhood and dealt with the loss of my father when I was very young, and then all over my childhood!"  - Josh Young, Architect

"I'm not sure I have words yet, but it was so valuable.  I can't image not having come.  I wish there were more of these sessions!  Each is so important and nourishing and rejuvenating. - Christine Clark, Student

As the sound was progressing, my body, especially my hands and abdomen, started vibrating at what seemed to be the same frequency as the sound.  When Sarah placed the needles in my chest, there was a rush of energy up and down my chest.  It felt like something was unlocking and releasing.  I am very grateful to both of you. - Carol Guasti, Teacher

"Thank you.  I love coming to this safe space that you create.  I like how this opens the possibility of healing myself on a deeper level.  I love when you sing together - it is stunning and grounding." - Julie McKim, Art Curator 

“Lev created an amazing experience of being completely wrapped in a comforting "blanket" of sound. I was transported to a time and place where the wisdom I needed in this time and place was revealed to me in a simple and clear way. A wonderful opportunity for self-care facilitated by a masterful musician-healer. 
- Fran Collet, Addictions Counselor, Artist, Intuitive Healer

"I love the physical sensation of reset.  The vibrations bring pleasure and clarity." - Kitty Sailer, Dance Teacher

"Thank you for a dreamlike, surreal and beautiful experience. We would love to have you back again."
-Elizabeth Dunford, Owner o Inner Space Yoga

"Lev’s presence is clear, compassionate and supportive. He is an incredibly gifted musician and singer whose kindness and deep stillness are truly beautiful to be with. He is one of those rare and quiet people who change your life in ways that are both peaceful and profound."
-David Vendetti: Co-Owner and Director of Teacher Training at South Boston Yoga

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Acupuncture Sound Baths are a community experience that help us to tap into the embodied virtues of our human potential.   This harmonizing blend of powerful tools promotes a deep state of relaxation, allowing you access to a blissful internal resonance, where healing unfolds naturally.  Sessions attune your internal natural rhythm and awaken your capacity to respond creatively to the increasing complexity and intensity of life changes and challenges.