"During the course of work I was able to form strong intentions—focusing on relationship with my partner and leadership in my business.  Both of these underwent positive changes...I recommend The Medicine Tree's services to anyone who is available to change, and ready to inhabit presence more fully."

- Jason Stern, Founder of Luminary Publishing & Publisher of Chronogram Magazine /


workplace wellness




Mindfulness Sound Meditation activates the creative imagination and mobilizes the energy, vitality and courage to take effective action. Our innovative approach is simple and easily accessible for your whole team; reducing stress, enhancing mental clarity, and increasing performance & productivity - guaranteeing a significant return on your investment.


acupuncture Sound baths & healing sessions


yoga studioS

Experience the rejuvenating and nourishing medicine of sound and acupuncture. Sound Healing helps us to tap into the embodied virtues of our human potential. Learn sound practices that are simple enough for you to practice every day. Immerse yourself in the pure healing sounds of the didgeridoo, singing bowls, flute, tuning forks, vocal toning and wordless melodies.

Where do you want to focus your time, energy, and actions this season?  

This weekly mastermind circle will give you the support, encouragement and accountability to take action on the goals that are most important to you.  In this circle, you will

  • clarify what is most important for you
  • create specific goals and a clear plan of action 
  • stay focused, every day, and follow through  

Small group mastermind circles


    "I feel that the circle with Lev allowed me to become grounded and speak the truth about myself. The framework that was offered allowed me to access a deeper part of me, a more natural part, which lead me closer to myself.  I am now clear about my needs and, therefore, make conscious and empowering choices that are right for me. "  -Helena Kalmoose Christiansen, Feng Shui / Home Coach, Counselor & Writer

    Create massive traction on your most important work by developing clear vision, defining specific goals, and moving through inner and outer obstacles to take courageous action.  

    Schedule a 15-minute discovery session to discuss which coaching program is the best fit for you:

    1. Individual Life & Leadership 
    2. Couples Visioning Intensives
    3. Group Peer-to-Peer Leadership-in-Action Circle

    LIFE & Leadership Coaching



    "Developing this new dimension of my business is becoming a spiritual process as opposed to a mundane thing that needs to be done.  This work is for anyone who is ready to have your life, and your business transformed in a huge way; if you want to integrate all of who you really are - your spiritual life, your values, your passions, into the work that you're doing in the world."

    - Tarra Christoff, Legacy Guide


    "When I started working with Lev, I was feeling not quite enough, not so confident, scared to put myself out there and to own my gift. Now I am feeling more confident than ever before.  I feel the potency of my gift and I am offering it to the world in a big way.  I have started the Center for Healing & Transformation with my partner and am leading groups in Boulder. My purpose is clearer and more deeply ingrained in my being than ever before.”

    - Jeremy Kalan, Life Purpose Coach & Therapist

    Founder of True Nature Coaching

    and Co-founder of the Center for Healing & Transformation