You can't solve a problem on the same level thinking that created it. - Albert Einstein  What got you here won't get you there.  - Marshall Goldsmith

You can't solve a problem on the same level thinking that created it. - Albert Einstein

What got you here won't get you there.
- Marshall Goldsmith

If you've arrived here, you're interested in what coaching with me might look like because it's feeling like it might be time to take a deeper look at how you're showing up in your life and work.  

You work as a socially conscious organizational leader, holistic practitioner, or eco-social entrepreneur.  Or maybe you're an emerging thought leader, activist, spiritual leader, community organizer, or creative educator.  Or you might even be in the in-between-place of transition, sensing a readiness to step more deeply into your calling and unique expression of leadership, and you relate to at least one of the following: 

  • You're On The Personal Growth Roller Coaster:
    You are having "deep dive" transformative experiences on the weekends, in ceremony or workshops, and then its back to work during the week. You are realizing you need help to integrate what you're learning into your daily life.

  • You'd Like To Feel More Impactful As A Role Model and Leader:
    You're doing good work, but you want to activate something deeper that inspires others more thoroughly.

  • You're Often Anxious:
    You feel low-level anxiety or even exhaustion underneath an active life of going through the motions, showing up and presenting yourself as "put together." You are realizing that you're needing to create more rest and ease in your life.

  • You Get Tempted By Distractions:
    Emails, facebook, other conversations that you overhear in a crowded room pull you away from what you're doing. You're not fully rooted, centered or embodied in the path you're walking. You're realizing that being more grounded and present would help.

  • Sometimes You Wear A Mask:
    You want to feel more like yourself in how you show up in your relationships, roles & responsibilities.

  • You Are Overwhelmed:
    You feel overwhelmed with a whole lot on your plate, and you can't see how to slow down, inhabit your moments, and consciously attend to your needs, while continuing to show up for your responsibilities. You know that a change of pace would help.

  • You're in an in-between place right now:
    You just left something secure - a job, relationship, community, and you are embarking into the unknown.

  • You Feel Alone:
    While you know how to handle the tasks in your life, the visionary YOU needs the space and time to listen to the inner voice that is whispering..."take a risk, try something new, and stretch into your growing edge."

If you have a sense that you would resonate with my approach, but know that you would have to meet me personally, to know for sure, click here to apply for a free consultation, so we can start getting to know each other. 

And, you are welcome to continue reading about my approach to beginning the coaching journey with you below.

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The key question is how do you change the structure of your life to get more of what you want and less of what you don't want?

My take on it:

You need to take a step back and create the spaciousness to look at things clearly and with a quiet mind.  From here, you can see the "whole system" of your life, so you can identify the leverage points clearly and integrate them into your daily practices.

But, going-it-alone is probably what got you here in the first place.

That's why its so powerful to have the guidance, reliability and facilitation of a time-tested process that you can trust.

I call it Taking a Medicine Walk in Nature to locate the Key Leverage Points in Your Leadership

Its a simple four-week program that gently invites you to look at the core questions in your life, which allows for possibilities that invite emergent solutions into your life.

"This idea of leverage points is...embedded in legend: the silver bullet...the miracle cure; the secret passage; the magic password; the single hero who turns the tide of history; the nearly effortless way to cut through or leap over huge obstacles. We not only want to believe that there are leverage points, we want to know where they are and how to get our hands on them. Leverage points are points of power." - Thinking in Systems by Donella H. Meadows

Taking a medicine walk in nature, will allow you to locate the leverage points in your life and leadership with grace and ease.

"The more efficient a force is,
the more silent and subtle it is."   

- Gandhi


If you resonate with this approach, and would like to connect in-person,
 click here to apply for a free consultation, so we can get to know each other. 

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 I wanted to take a medicine walk because I had a question about the next steps in my business. The experience itself was very special.  During the walk, I passed an old Quaker cemetery and meeting hall.  When Lev mirrored this back to me, I saw that silence and listening are essential qualities to the training organization for child care providers that I am developing. The process naturally brought forth clear answers and next steps as I grow this new business venture.

-Fabiola Gaerlan, Director/Owner of Honeydew Drop Day Care


the simple 3-step process

Week #1: Journaling + Coaching Call
Before we meet, you prepare for our conversation by journaling about why you are committed to this 3-week process, what core challenges you're facing, and what you sense is possible through this process?  Then, we meet for a 50-minute phone or video session where we get clear about the core question that you will be asking on your medicine walk.  And, you schedule a time to go on your walk, during the following week.

Week #2: Go on Your Walk + Coaching Call
You go on your Medicine Walk, and when you return, we have another 50-minute phone or video session where you share the story of your Walk with me, and I mirror back to you what I sense that Nature is telling you, in response to the question you asked.  This is a profound and powerful session of connecting deeply to one of the core leverage points in the system of your life.

Week #3 & 4: Two Coaching Calls to Design Your Next Steps
We meet for a third & fourth session time, as the medicine from your walk begins to integrate into your perspective on life.  In these two sessions, we focus on translating the multi-dimensional symbols, meanings, and insights from the walk into practical ways to redesign and restructure your life and work by developing a holistic action plan that weaves the deeper awareness that you cultivated during your Walk into your constellation of relationships, roles and responsibilities.  We use (1) Mind-Mapping, (2) Timelines, and (3) Support & Accountability Planning to create a clear next steps.

Staying in touch in-between sessions:
Its important to keep the dialogue alive, fresh and fluid throughout the week, so that subtle insights can deepen and permeate your day-to-day life more fully.  Therefore, we use the easy-to-use Voxer App for text and voice chat.  I will respond to your messages Monday thru Friday, in 48 hrs or less.

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The medicine walk ritual opens a doorway that connects and aligns our subconscious mind with the healing power of the natural world. Before I went on a winter medicine walk, I was struggling with committing to a path for the new year. I was also struggling with finding the inner strength to keep opening my heart to my family, friends, and colleagues despite the inner and outer stress that made it easy to justify feeling vulnerable and becoming less open to the world. The medicine walk experience enabled me to observe and let go of many of the preconceptions and judgments I carry. It enabled me to discard notions that were no longer useful and see with the clarity of insight. The practical value of the medicine walk experience comes from providing an opportunity to connect clarity of thought with the intuitive power of an open heart.

-Tom Murtha, retired institutional equity portfolio manager and currently a senior adviser for non-profit Preventable Surprises.     

moving forward after your medicine walk

Too often, I see people engaging in peak experiences and heightened states of awareness without doing the follow-up integration work that is essential for significant stage-change development.  And so, at the conclusion of your three-week Medicine Walk journey, the holistic action plan includes getting clear about support and accountability relationships and structures in your life, so you continue to deepen your connection with the insights from your Walk through core routines and practices. 

If we both feel a resonance to continue working together, we will map out a customized plan to do so.  I tend to work with coaching clients for at least 6-12 months for lasting results.  If it doesn't feel like a fit to continue with one-on-one coaching, you may want to join one of my small group Resonant Leadership Circles.  And, if those options don't resonate, I will do my best to refer you to resources, communities, groups and practitioners in my network who might support you on your journey. 

I'm happy to discuss particulars on a phone or video conference.  Click here to apply for a free consultation, so we can get to know each other.

I found the Medicine Walk to be a profound personal growth experience. I had been struggling to cultivate a particular quality that felt elusive. My time during the walk helped to ground me and gave me the space and focus to see some things I'd been overlooking. I had been living into that quality all the time, just not in the way I'd been expecting it to appear. The Medicine Walk showed me that my own authentic expression of quality is so much more powerful, and that my own, unique expressions are the ways forward into a deeper expression of my work in the world.

-Katherine Cartwright
Author, Organizational Leadership Consultant,
and Women's Empowerment Workshop Facilitor

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At the beginning of every season, I go on a Medicine Walk in Nature.  I listen deeply for the core question that is most real in my life, and go to a threshold (i.e. a passageway between two trees), and I ask the Great Intelligence & Spirit of Mother Nature to share its Wisdom with me about this question that I am asking, and then I step through...

I learned that the word "question" begins with a "quest," so the Medicine Walk is a way of for me to deepen into limitless potential and imagine what's possible at the four quarters of the year.  This practice connects me to the passages of time, the powerful intelligence in Nature, and invites me to attune and resonate with the rhythms of life.

-Lev Natan

what you can expect from me as your coach & guide 

This is the role that I am confident, excited and committed to play in your life:

  • Be a solid anchor for you to remember your vocation, which comes from the latin voca, which means your calling.

  • Support you to develop a consistent daily practice of centering, intention-setting and gratitude

  • Open a conversation with you about what's so, what's possible and how you are committed to showing up.

  • Help you to clarify and discern your core commitments and to hold you accountable to maintain your focus on that which you care about most.

  • Challenge and inspire you to identify and live on your growing edge, more and more each day.

  • Facilitate guided visualization and shamanic journeying practices with sound healing, so that you can deepen your capacity for creative imagination as a means to expanding your life & work vision.

  • Translate your vision into practice - to see it and embody it - holistic life planning, which means balancing the whole system of meaningful work, financial goals, relationships, self-care, and spiritual development.

  • Cultivate awareness and greater skill for you to engage in natural rhythm time management & energy management, so you feel healthier, more alive, vibrant and in-tune with the cycles of the day, week, month and seasons.

  • Hold you accountable to have integrity with your values, commitments and beliefs - i.e. walking your talk.

  • Coaching you on relationship dynamics at work, home and in your leadership, personal growth and spiritual development.

  • I have a background in addiction treatment, and have offered my clients refreshing perspectives of persistent habits and addictions that are holding you back from mobilizing your energy towards your conscious commitments.

  • I am also looking for more opportunities to bring this work to groups, organizational teams and boards. For example, we could plan a daylong Medicine Walk experience for your whole team.

what you can not expect from me

  • I am not here to troubleshoot and micromanage your problems. I am here to help you to see clearly and develop the confidence to engage the principles and practices that will allow you to handle problems on your own.

  • I am not here to motivate you to feel more committed in your life. I am not here to coax commitment out of you. I work best with people who already feel a foundational level of commitment. I will facilitate a conversation where you locate the deep reservoir of commitment and courage within you.

  • I am also not going to coax you to engage in the coaching process. If you are not willing to take this work seriously and sincerely, to show up to sessions ready to be honest, transparent, and open to the process, than we won't be a good fit.

  • Lastly, while I am excited to coach and consult with you about vision creation, strategic planning, workplace culture, and team-building, I am not a traditional executive coach, organizational consultant, or marketing and branding specialist, and, therefore, I don't offer "conventional expertise" in these arenas. That being said, I invite you to bring these topics into our coaching conversations, and think of me as an organizational Feng Shui & Tai Chi Master - meaning I will help you identify the internal leverage points in the energetic structure in your life, business or organization, and help you see the necessary high impact shifts.


what i expect from you in our work together

  • I expect you to do your best and engage fully - both during sessions and with practices in between sessions.

  • Arrive on time to our scheduled sessions, so we can start right on time.

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, I ask that you give me 48 hours notice. Otherwise, you will be responsible for payment for our session.

  • Be in a quiet place where you can focus and participate fully during our sessions. You are welcome to go on a walk/hike during our sessions, if that helps you to focus, but make sure that your cell phone signal is strong where you are hiking.

  • Have a journal with you, to take notes during our sessions.

  • Show your respect for this work by paying on-time.

Before I went on the medicine walk, I was struggling with a lack of clear direction and feeling disconnected from my inner wisdom. The experience intentionally opened up the channels for spirit to communicate with me, and now I have stopped looking elsewhere for new direction because I realize that right underneath my feet is all of the wisdom and creative potential that is needed to move forward.
— Jared Winslow, Artist & Healer in Transition

signing up & getting started

What is included:

  • Four 50-Minute Coaching Sessions

  • Written guidance for your Medicine Walk + an MP3 Teaching Call about Medicine Walks

  • Voxer Walkie-Talkie (voice & text) communication 5 days-a-week

  • Invitation to one Leadership Impact Circle Session

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Sliding Scale Pricing is from $350 - 700 based on a suggested payment chart based on your annual income.  It is a guide to help you choose what is right for you to give in exchange for this program.  If you are able to pay on the higher end of the sliding scale, it creates more opportunity for people who need to pay on the lower end. 

If you have read the whole page, you feel a strong resonance with this program, and the sliding scale pricing is doable for you, then click here to apply for a free consultation so we can get to know each other. 
I look forward to taking this significant next step with you!