"We think we live in the world...but we don't. 
We live in our conversation about the world...
When we're in a conversation about fear...that is the world we inhabit. 
If we're in a conversation about possibility...then that's the world we inhabit."

- The Soul of Money, by Lynn Twist

Resonance Circles for Leaders are small groups of no more than six, who meet every week for an hour, via zoom video conference. 

These circles are a place to share what it's like to take a stand for your commitment to what's possible; and be inspired by other conscious leaders, impact entrepreneurs, artists & healers who are engaged in work that contributes to a viable future. 

Through a weekly process of centering practice; sharing gratitude, giving voice to the vision you are manifesting; defining goals & action steps; and reflecting back inspiration harvested from listening to your colleagues in the circle, you feel renewed and ready to face your life with integrity, courage and wisdom. 

The sliding scale investment is $150-250 per month, and I ask you to make a four-month commitment because (1) the process takes time to bear fruit, and (2) the other members of the circle are making an investment getting to know you.

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If you sense that being part of a weekly circle might support you to take a stand for your commitments, I would love to speak with you about joining an upcoming Resonance Circle.

I am starting a new Men’s Leadership Circle, with eight open spots, and there is currently one open spot in our Women’s Leadership Circle.

Click here to apply for a free consultation, and we can explore whether the timing is aligned.  

Looking forward,

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What becomes possible when you have
 a Resonance Circle in your life?

We are more resilient and effective when we have
peer-2-peer relationships.

Why more resilient?  

We are stronger when we form mutually supportive connections.  

Working for social change is hard work.  
We don’t have all the answers, we make mistakes,
and we sometimes receive harsh feedback that hurts.  

Resonance circles are a place to lick our wounds,
reconnect to courage, faith, enthusiasm and wisdom,
and be held accountable to our commitments.

Why more effective?  

We are more effective when we think-in-systems. 

Resonance circles foster diverse perspectives
that generate a systems-thinking approach
that leads to emergent solutions.  

The Medicine Tree's Vision of Circles is Inspired by Forests

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Trees stand tall because their roots are connected.  

We see circles as an essential process for emergent solutions to take root.

We envision an interconnected root system of leadership circles becoming a regional culture that transforms the old story of  “business-as-usual” into an emerging pathway towards a viable future.  

Circles serve as a place to:

(1) Replenish & nourish in order to:

  • prevent burnout

  • share support, accountability, guidance and perspective, so that a deeper wisdom emerges, especially when there aren’t easy answers ( i.e. how to deal with the emotional pain that goes along with immensely harsh feedback);  

  • Contemplate, discuss and embody the deeper levels of being that are required to lead powerfully, courageously and effectively (this is not just “another meeting” or a group coaching program);

(2) Generate a field of intentionality through emergent processes;

(3) Develop emergent solutions that amplify impact through coordinated collective action.


The 10 Essentials of Resonance Circles for Leaders are:

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  1. Future-oriented: investing in the well-being of the generations to come

  2. Interconnected: acknowledging the intrinsic value of the web-of-life

  3. Wise: being rooted like trees by drawing nourishment from the wisdom of all peoples

  4. Inclusive: inviting leaders from every sector, race, class, gender and age to participate

  5. Peer-to-peer (P2P): showing up as both leaders and learners 

  6. Regional scale: weaving a resilient web of place-based relationships

  7. Guided by emergence: creating a social field that creates fertile soil for emergent solutions

  8. Trustworthy: establishing authentic, caring and committed relationships that have integrity

  9. Appropriate scale: building rapport and intimacy by meeting in small groups

  10. Consistent: scheduling recurring events on a weekly, monthly and seasonal basis

Resonance Circles Are Successful When They...

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  1. Catalyze inspiring conversations about what’s possible

  2. Generate emergent solutions, in both your personal and professional life, which include being more centered, grounded and present every day; clarifying what you care about most; creating manageable, focused and inspired action plans; and following through more consistently on your practical goals and priorities.

  3. Build a resilient culture of leadership for social change.  We are able to effectively train ourselves and the next generation because we are leading collaboratively.  This means thirty years from now we have inspired, enthusiastic, seasoned leaders at the helm. 

How It Works

  • We meet every week for a seventy-minute circle meeting - at the same time every week.

  • We use Zoom Video Conference Technology so we can see each other! If you need to call-in with a phone you can.

  • We meet in small groups of no more than six participants.

  • That's the simple format. The details are below.

Core Focus

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  1. Your personal calling that guides the weaving of your unique thread within the fabric of the whole.

  2. The Leadership it takes to show up and demonstrate your commitment to what you care about most.

  3. Resonance Practices that root your commitments in your whole being.

The Structure

STEP ONE: Centering with Sound & Intention: 

We begin our circles with a centering practice using the peaceful melodies of the Native American flute, guided visualization, intention-setting and group toning to cultivate focus, heart coherence and team unity.  

STEP TWO: Gratitude

We share our gratitude because it is:

  1. an ancient, time-tested spiritual practice from traditions the world over that cultivates stress resilience

  2. a source of empowerment and leadership; is

  3. politically and culturally subversive in a consumer society

  4. a sacred duty to begin from a place of thanksgiving.


After we share our gratitude, we give voice to our vision.  What do you want to create in your life, work and world?  Who do you want to become?  And, what is the world that you want to be creating, for yourself, your web-of-relations, and future generations?  Why is your vision important to you?  Why do you care? 


Define and follow through with clear and powerful action steps.  Once you create a foundation of creative imagination through Centering with Sound & Intention, Gratitude & Vision, you are ready to define clear action steps.

  • Goals: What are your most precious goals in the next 6 months? Goals need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound

  • Reflection: What action did I take this past week in service to my goals, and what did I learn by taking that action?

  • Priorities: What is the most important action for me to take in the coming week?

  • Scheduling: What is my plan to follow through? What is my commitment?

  • Inspiration: What inspired me from the circle today and how will I bring this inspiration into the coming week?

The Kind of Projects that Participants Engage in:

  • Clean energy infrastructure (i.e. solar, wind, water, geothermal)

  • A healthy food system that builds natural and community ecosystems

  • Addressing the underlying causes of climate change rather than the symptoms

  • Educational initiatives that empower us to take responsibility for becoming aware of and transforming core social issues, such as racism, classism, sexism, poverty and inequality

  • Holistic healing practitioners who are creating new pathways towards wholeness.

  • Entrepreneurs and business-owners who are bringing integrity and humane values to every sector of society.

  • And more...

I recommend Resonance Circles to all who seek change. Sitting, listening and participating with Lev and the others once a week has helped me develop a greater sense of awareness around what I want to accomplish in the near future. The small and big steps I’ve taken from exercises presented by Lev have allowed me to open new doors of perception in which I’ve gained access to spaciousness and clear channeling of my goals! What a truly inspirational journey this has been, and also a beautiful community building excercise. I find it very enlivening when I listen to the voices of the others in the group and their expressions. We have cultivated a clear white light energy in our circle and I am looking forward to staying a part of it. Thank you Lev!
— Daniel Duron, Global Ambassador of the non-profit, Pass The Beat, artist, healer,

Monthly Community Impact Circles

Having a small group circle allows you to feel supported, connected and build relationships among peers each and every week.  The Community Impact Circles that happen during the first week of every month give you the experience of being woven into a larger whole.  This expands your perspective and network of peers. In this monthly circle our leadership circles join together as one community, and we discuss two powerful questions:

1. What is the difference that being in this leadership circle is making? 

2. What difference am I making in the lives of those around me?

Click here to watch a zoom video conference of current members speak openly about the difference that leadership circles have made in their lives

Resonance Circles Are Evergreen

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When you join our vibrant community, we are inviting you to commit to a minimum of 4 months of active participation.  After your 4 month commitment, you are welcome to continue for as long as it serves you.  If you join, and need to leave before your 4 month commitment, we ask that you give 30-days notice, so we have time to fill your spot in the circle.

Resonance circles are a place for you to grow, receive, learn and contribute your gifts to this network of people who care deeply about our world.  We are a "community-of-practice,"  similar to a yoga or martial arts studio, music school or spiritual center.  Our focus is on cultivating leadership as a work of art that is unique to each person, but can not happen in isolation. You will build life-long friends and colleagues with whom you collaborate and co-create. Our next retreat will take place in the spring of 2019.  Retreats will continue twice a year, in the spring and fall.

I joined a Resonance Circle to help organize myself in a new chapter of life and to help create healthy patterns of follow through and accountability. Having the circle every week has helped me stay focused, connected, and inspired as I move into a new living and working environment. I see myself moving through the world in a much more solid and centered way and feel that I show up in my life with so much more presence now. I highly recommend a Resonance Circle to anyone who could use a powerful (yet gentle) kick in the butt in bringing out their full potential. It is motivation, support, community, and healing at its best.
— — Sarah Chase Natan, Founder of Brooklyn Acupuncture Project (www.brooklynacupunctureproject.com)

Private Facebook Group

Cross-Pollinate, Network & Collaborate with Members of the Whole Community:

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The Facebook Group gives you a place to:

  • deepen connections

  • engage in meaningful & impactful conversations

  • arrange for accountability & support buddy calls

  • find colleagues, collaborators and joint venture partners for your initiatives

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Optional Private Coaching

If, and when, you need extra support, during a particularly challenging time period, or on an ongoing basis, I am available to schedule private sessions to engage more deeply.




What is the Commitment?

  1. Agreeing to participate for at least four-months

  2. Doing your best to come to all scheduled circle meetings.

  3. Arriving 3 minutes early, so we can start right on time.

  4. Being in a quiet place where you can focus and participate fully.

  5. Having a journal with you, to take notes and write your gratitude, vision, goals, priorities and creative brainstorms

  6. Engaging Fully, Actively and Respectfully - both in your speaking and listening.  

  7. Standing In Your Leadership - Be Aware That Your Presence Impacts the Resonant Field Of Circle - if you are distracted during the calls, it distracts everyone else on the call.  And, if you are present and focused, you uplift and energize everyone else.  

  8. Practicing Being Your Best Self - See this Resonance Circle as a place to practice showing up as your best self.

Registration Details

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If a Resonance Circle feels like a good fit for you, and you are ready to make a four-month commitment, it's time to consider the financial investment.  We use a sliding scale to invite diversity into our community.  No proof of income is required.                 

To the right is a suggested payment chart to guide you to assess what is right for you to give in exchange for our work together.  We don't want money to be a barrier for anyone’s participation. When you give at the higher end of the sliding scale, you create space for someone else to pay at the lower end.  This is an opportunity to be generous.  Thank you for participating in growing this equitable culture of exchange.

If you are ready to join a Resonance Circle for Leaders, 
click here to schedule a 30-minute discovery session with me

I look forward to speaking with you soon!