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Live Workshop: Leading Like The Forest

REGISTRATION: $25 - Click HERE to register


Are you passionate about social change, but sometimes feel disheartened & burned-out, and you're ready for a perspective that integrates a deeply-rooted spirituality into your work for social justice and environmental sanity?

In this gathering for social change makers, we explore why its so essential to respond directly to your unique calling and to come together with other change makers who are listening deeply to the "collective call" that we are all hearing.

In these times of complexity, turbulence and convergent crises, trees are important role models in our movements for social change. They stand tall in their “leadership” because their roots are interconnected.

Trees are literally holding onto each other - and at this time, we need to do the same - by intentionally coming together through community practices like leadership councils.

You will have the opportunity to:

-Hear a point-of-view that focuses on the need for leadership capacity, subtle activism and collective impact, as the primary vehicles for social change that resonates with truth.

-Deepen your connection to your personal calling as a unique thread within the web-of-life

-Acknowledge & appreciate how you are already showing up for what you care about

-Locate your growing edge and be invited to gently stretch into it

-Learn simple sound practices to heal, renew and awaken new capacities in yourself

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 | Plainsfield, MA

6-7:00pm Potluck
7-9:00pm: Presentation, Nature Connection, Sound Meditation & Talking-Stick Council
9-10:00: Fireside Chat

Lev Natan, draws deeply from the spiritual wisdom traditions in his work with changemakers - organizational leaders, holistic practitioners and social entrepreneurs - who care deeply about the web of life. Through peer-to-peer leadership councils, coaching, sound therapy (using didgeridoo, tuning forks, vocal practices, flute, singing bowls, and jaw harp), workshops and retreats, his focus is to offer practical and spiritual guidance to intelligently navigate challenges at home, work and in the community.