Its simple.

Happy employees build successful organizations.  

Workplace Wellness creates a culture of health that positively impacts the well-being of your employees, which improves your company’s bottom line and makes work sacred again.

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How we work with you:

  1. We start with a conversation about wellness; what it means to you and why you might want to bring more to your team.
  2. Then, we offer a complimentary Mindfulness Sound Meditation session to your whole team, so you can experience the benefits first hand: 

    The Mindfulness Sound Meditation Session includes deep breathing, simple vocal toning exercises, and the healing sounds of didgeridoo, tuning forks, singing bowls, & flute.  It can take place in any workplace environment with a place to sit or lay down.  Everyone can participate, regardless of physical fitness, religious background or personal space preferences.  No prior meditation experience is necessary, nor do you need to provide special equipment.  (We recommend 4-weekly sessions to get started.)

  3. Follow up coaching conversations about your wellness needs: We meet with the point person on your team, after each session, to assure the program is meeting your needs.

  4. Daily 10-Minute Team-Building Practice: We teach your team simple and easy relaxation technique that everyone can participate in.

Mindfulness Sound Meditation activates your team's capacity
to imagine creative solutions and mobilize the energy, intelligence
and courage to take effective action.

Benefits include:

  1. Increased energy, enthusiasm, positive attitude, mental clarity, and emotional resilience
  2. Enhanced performance and productivity
  3. Elevated team unity & effective communication through an affordable, unique shared experience
  4. Heightened capacity to make wise decisions in the face of ever-increasing complexity and chaos
  5. Reduced stress-related costs of poor health and employee absenteeism by strengthening holistic health, immunity and stamina.

Working with Lev has brought forth a finer quality to my leadership...I am able to lead my team in a way that empowers them to lead, which they love... This work helps me to clarify my goals and take more effective action as a leader in business, my family, and in my spiritual development. Lev’s holistic approach brings me to the heart of what I need to look at and change in order to grow and lead effectively.”
— - Fabiola Gaerlan, Founder/CEO/Owner of Honeydew Drop Day Care, Brooklyn, NY

Two Simple Steps to Get Started:

  1. Contact Lev Natan at 845-389-3622 \ to schedule a 10-minute phone assessment.
  2. We will schedule a 20-minute follow-up consultation, in your office, to explore the specific wellness needs of your team and how best to meet those needs.  If we both feel that Mindfulness Sound Meditation is a good fit for your team, we will customize a wellness program that fits your budget and work schedule.

The best part has been a regular, manageable commitment to attend to myself…which allowed me to turn my attention inward and carve out a larger, freer space to navigate.
— Jason Stern, Founder of Luminary Publishing & Publisher of Chronogram Magazine

Research about the Benefits of Workplace Wellness

“Results show that...companies with exceptional health promotion and safety programs significantly out-performed the S&P 500...Employees, especially millennials, are drawn to companies that offer a sense of purpose, are respectful of individual differences, and imbue a culture where workers’ health and well-being are highly valued. Creating this culture ensures that workers remain committed to the enterprise because they believe the business is committed to them.
— Johns Hopkins University's Institute for Health and Productivity Studies