Dear Colleagues,

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Thank you for investing your time to explore this joint venture.  If you are reading this, we have either worked together in the past or I am reaching out now because I respect you and your work, and would like to collaborate.


The mission of The Sound Leadership Network is to build an online community that catalyzes breakthrough results; results that are not possible in the current reality and are in service to something that is bigger than, but includes, one’s own self-interest; results that address the whole systems crisis that our world is facing with consciousness, care and courage.


Since 2011, I've been offering online programs, including the Evolve 2012 Initiative for Evolutionary Entrepreneurship, where I interviewed twenty-seven thought leaders in the fields of human potential, entrepreneurship, leadership and holistic health, with over fourteen hundred participants.  

In 2013, I offered The Sacred Business Intensive, a free training for over a thousand participants, which led to thirty paid participants in the six-month long Sacred Business Program.  Since then, I've been working with private clients, offering live events, writing my forthcoming book Return of the Medicine Trees: A Vision of Sound Leadership for Global Coherence, and I got married!  


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Now is the time to proactively respond to the business-as-usual mindset that permeates the status quo.  By weaving this resilient "root system" of sound leadership - a networked learning community for organizational leaders, social entrepreneurs and healing practitioners - we empower a culture of integrity, values alignment, vision and creative action.  This web-of-relati0nship engenders the potential to create a Future that only emerges in a community of like-minded practitioners.


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If the mission and vision of The Sound Leadership Network speaks to you, and you are interested in weaving yourself into this web-of-relationship, I invite you to read further.  

I would love to collaborate with you to make our kickoff Online Intensive - Breakthrough: How to Lead from a Coherent Vision that Creates Real Impact -  a great success.

Below, you will find inspiring reasons to participate, a detailed description of what is involved and testimonials from partners who I've worked with in the past.  I have faith that you will choose to take this next step with The Sound Leadership Network.

in grateful service,

Lev Natan
Leadership Coach | Sound Therapist | Founder of The Medicine Tree & The Sound Leadership Network


Here are four inspiring reasons to participate in this emerging network as a joint venture partner:

  1. Your community will love this free, totally unique, content rich, online intensive.  

  2. Your community will love the optional follow-up paid program - the Sound Leadership Mastermind Circle, which you can read more about below.

  3. This partnership is not a one-way promotion.  I want you to actively participate in The Sound Leadership Network.  And so, I would love to interview you for the Sound Leadership In Our Times Podcast Series where you can bring your voice, work, teachings and upcoming events to our network.

  4. Lastly, you will receive a $100 commission for each referral who decides to register for the Sound Leadership Mastermind Circle. There will be up to thirty participants in this cohort-based membership community starting on October 11th, 2017 (details below).

What is included in this Free Online Intensive?

Why Sound Leadership is Essential in These Times

 Introductory Video Training | Sept. 21st thru 27th | One Video Each Day for Seven Days

  • Video #1:
    • Return of the Medicine Trees: The Vision that Inspires and Guides the Sound Leadership Network
  • Video #2:
    • The Leadership Manifesto: A Call to Rise to the Challenge of Our Times
  • Video #3:
    • Vision is the Key to Sound Leadership:  Seeing and Creating Our Positive Future
  • Video #4:
    • Sound is an Organizing Principle: Walking with Integrity, Faith & Resonance in Tune with Natural Cycles
  • Video #5:
    • Walking Your Talk: Sharing Your Story to Inspire Engagement
  • Video #6:
    • Follow Through: Goal-Setting, Planning, Time Management, Courageous Action & Accountability 
  • Video #7
    • Commitment: Decide, Then Act


How to Rise to the Challenge & Live Life With No Regrets
Interactive Tele-Seminar Intensive | Sept. 28th thru Oct. 3rd

  • Seminar #1: Thursday, Sept 28th (10am or 8pm ET)
    • VISION - Who am I, and where am I going?  And, who are we, and where are we going?
  • Seminar #2: Monday, Oct 2nd (10am or 8pm ET)
    • LEADERSHIP - Why am I here?  What is my life purpose?   
  • Seminar #3: Tuesday, Oct 3rd(10am or 8pm ET)
    • COMMIT TO ACTION - What am I going to do about it?  How will I honor my role as a Steward of Life?

The Sound Leadership Mastermind Circle is for those who feel called to journey further.  The Fall/Winter Cycle is from October 11th, 2017 thru March 7th, 2018.

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Through our unique cohort model, members of this community develop inspiring relationships through weekly mastermind circles while also meeting with the larger cohort community every month, for special trainings and seasonal events.  This approach cultivates a ripple affect of positive impact and coherence on an individual, collective and even global scale.  The Four Components of the Sound Leadership Mastermind Circle are:

  • Weekly Cohort Meetings - small groups of five members meet every week for one hour to respond to the following questions: 
    • What am I grateful for in this moment?
    • What are my most important goals in the next 3 months?
    • What action did I take this past week in service to my goals, and what did I learn by taking that action?
    • What is the most important action for me to take in this coming week?
    • What inspired me from the circle today and how will I apply it to the coming week?
  • Community Mastermind Circle Calls
    • 4-6 cohorts will be running symultaneously (five people in each cohort), and will meet together to develop a sense of community, honor seasonal cycles (i.e. winter solstice, New Years, full moon), and initiate special practices such as a Medicine Walk to Envision the Year to Come.
  • Sacred Business Program Guidebooks & Seminars
    • Recorded Seminars & Guidebooks on key topics such as Legacy Visioning, Goal-Setting, Time Management, Personal Power and Conscious Networking are available to support the journey.
  • Private Facebook Group
    • Members have the opportunity to deepen their connection and to have an accountability buddy through the journey.

To read a full description of the program including client testimonials, click here.

What am I inviting you to do?


  1. Send at least one, preferably two or more emails and social media posts to your online community between Sept 13th - 18th, 2017.

  2. Schedule a time for me to interview you (if you'd like) for the Sound Leadership Podcast Series

  3. Schedule a time for you to interview me for your community between August 15th & September 12th (if possible)

Partnering for this event is effective, simple and easy.  I will provide you with compelling email templates to send to your community and track the referrals that sign up for the paid Mastermind Circle program.  Simply copy and paste the text into an email, edit the text if you'd like, then send.  

That's all it takes to be a joint venture partner for this year's Sound Leadership Network's free online intensive.  Because the promotion is not until September, you have eight weeks to schedule the mailing dates into your calendar.


"Lev is an outstanding joint venture partner.  Everything he does is so infused with heart and spirit that I feel really good sharing his work with my list. His affiliate commission is quite generous too.  I deeply value my partnership with Lev and I even like to send colleagues his way to partner with him whenever I think they’re a fit. 

"I helped Lev promote his 2013 Sacred Business Intensive and his free webinar series was thoughtful, interactive, and all-around excellent.  He plans his launches way in advance, so it’s always been super easy to schedule him into my promotional calendar.  The email templates and swipe copy he provides are great, his communication with his affiliate partners is consistently clear, and he sends timely and helpful reminders to make promoting him a breeze."  - Susanna Maida,

"Working with Lev is always a pleasure. He makes my life easy and his work is so genuine that I know my list will resonate with it and thank me for sending something so anti-hype and with such depth."  - Tad Hargrave,

Here's an interview that Tad asked me to do leading up to the Sacred Business Intensive in 2013:

"My colleague Lev Natan is one of the most ‘real deal’ conscious entrepreneur coaches you could meet. He has a deep history in community and spiritual work and it’s been wonderful to see his work blossom. He’s got a new project coming up that I am excited to share with you all and so I thought I’d sit down with him for a bit of an extended interview about it.

His program is called: The Sacred Business Intensive – How to Walk Your Unique Spiritual Path and Pay Your Bills On Time: 5 Free Webinars to Integrate Your Relationship with Money, Life Purpose, and Meaningful Work – From March 27th thru April 4th."  
Click HERE to read the whole interview.

Ryan Eliason's email invitation to his community, The Social Entrepreneur's Empowerment Network to promote The Evolve 2012 Initiative for Evolutionary Entrepreneurship:

Dear Changemaker,

My friend and colleague, Lev Natan, has invited me to be one of 27 leaders in the emerging field of Evolutionary Entrepreneurship to share our most cutting edge perspectives and practical skills for real-life success in socially and environmentally conscious entrepreneurship and building a livelihood rooted in our heart's purpose.

I highly recommend that you join me for the Evolve 2012 Initiative - Activation for Evolutionary Entrepreneurship.
I receive invitations to speak on an almost daily basis.  Most of these invitations don’t spark my curiosity and interest enough to get me involved.  However, here are three reasons I said YES to the Evolve 2012 Initiative, and why I think it’s worth a few minutes of your time to check it out…

Reason #1 - Lev, the organizer, is a really cool guy.  I know him personally and he has a huge heart and a beautiful vision for what’s possible on this planet.  I know he’s going to steer the conversation away from all the hype about “making six figures” and towards something much deeper and more profound.

Reason #2 - Many of the speakers Lev has lined up are my friends.  People I know, love and respect such as Drew Dellinger, Sage Lavine, Tad Hargrave, Alison Marks, and Ben Saltzman will be speaking.  He has also lined up some fascinating social entrepreneurs I haven’t met yet, and they are not the typical speakers you may have heard before.

Reason #3 - Lev has structured the 4-week training in a unique way that will bring tremendous value.

Lev created a short video to introduce the program.  I love the way he incorporated playing his flute into the video.  It really gives you a “feeling” for the prayerfulness and intention behind the initiative.

From Sheva Carr, lead trainer at The Heartmath Institite and founder of Fyera!

"Thank you sweet Lev!  The elevated vibration and energetics of our time together [on the Evolve 2012 Initiative] were extraordinary - I shared with my partner Robert afterwards that I do calls like this all the time, but the resonance you are setting and holding in this process is at a much higher level than most- it was palpable! THANK YOU! What a delight! I look forward to our next adventure together whatever that may be...
With love,


Feedback from the Evolve 2012 Initiative

Feedback from the Evolve 2012 Initiative

"Beautiful Lev! It has been a magnificent Evolve 2012 Initiative.  Congratulations on sharing your wonderful gifts and manifesting such a powerful vision.  All was well conceived, well organized, beautifully delivered.  I am deeply grateful and inspired to have been a part of the integration circles members council. Thank you for the great opportunity.  A great success!  I look forward to what is next!  - With love and blessings, Margaret"

"Wow.  Thanks for bringing your work to birth in the world.  Now I feel like I "fit".  Now I understand why I've come into the world at this time and also understand that my experiences that have been traumatic or wounding or painful or isolating were given to me to help shape my understanding of what I'm here to do and the woman I need to be to do it.  Wow.  Thanks for bringing your work to birth in the world.  Great stuff, Lev. - Thanks, Kate Knodel

"Thanks again for all you efforts. This is the good stuff! Keep up the high level of energy, our world is changing fast and this comes at the perfect time. - Lotsa love, Arden"

Thanks again, Lev - I look forward to having you and the various speakers feed my Soul on a daily basis, giving me the strength to continue on with My Journey. - Many Blessings and Thanks, Ann Nielsen

"I want to tell you I'm SO impressed with what you've accomplished with the Evolve21012 Initiative. It's brilliant, innovative, and very professionally done. I think the website you created for your event is beautiful. - Blessings, Tomar"

"I listened to the audio with Sage Lavine, and it was everything I have always felt in my heart of conducting business so it is so GOOD to hear other people who feel the same way and are doing it!  Thank you for your efforts at organizing this.  Many blessings, Josie"

The Evolve 2012 Initiative Telesummit for Evolutionary Entrepreneurship served over 1300 participants, including 40 clients who purchased the upgrade package with special coaching calls and mp3 recordings.

Feedback from Participants in the Sacred Business Intensive

Feedback from Participants in the Sacred Business Intensive

"I have been deeply moved by your Sacred Business Intensive.  I realized during the first call that I am deeply called to work with you.  My heart is filled with joy passion and inspiration to be on this path and I am excited and grateful to have "found" you. - Shanon McGillis, SBI 2013 participant, and client in SBP 2013

"I'm one of the many who signed up for your five-part intensive. Your presentations have provided some very useful insights.  In particular, I want to especially thank you for sharing the description of your Connecting with  Source Practice.  Thank you for clarifying and expanding my understanding of this important part of my day!  - Nancy Harcourt, SBI 2013 participant"

"Lev, this Intensive has been so valuable in so many ways, thank-you." 
- Suzanne Chipperfield, SBI 2013 participant

"I loved the humming practice during the seminar on self-care and sound healing.  Tingles and warmth went round my body, waking me up.  Thank you!"  - Eileen Parr. SBI 2013 participant"

Last year, we had 1,053 participants in the Intensive, which included live interactive trainings through maestro conference technology.

Over a hundred people have been through my paid programs in the last six years, and I have received numerous testimonials from happy clients, many of which you can read HERE.


Take 3 minutes to fill out this short and simple registration form and I look forward being in touch with you.

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I will be participating in a earth healing ceremony from July 22nd thru August 9th, without email contact.  So if you don't respond by Friday, July 21st, know that I will be in touch with you when I return after August 9th.  Thank you, again, for who you are, what you do, and for taking your precious time and energy to join The Sound Leadership Network.


Lev Natan


“In our present context, failure in creativity would be an absolute failure.  A present failure at this order of magnitude cannot be remedied later by a larger success.  In this context a completely new type of creativity is needed.  This creativity must have as its primary concern the survival of the earth in its functional integrity.  Concern for the well-being of the planet is the one concern that, it is hoped, will bring the nations of the world into an international community.  Since the earth functions as an absolute unity, any dysfunctioning of the planet imperils every nation on the planet.” - Thomas Berry, Creative Energy

“Only when leaders do their heroic inner work will the kind of collective leadership emerge that can positively change the trajectory of events now unfolding…The world is hungry for more effective, conscious leadership.  As we develop more effectiveness in the leadership system of our organizations, we also develop more effective leadership on the planet.  As leaders emerge, conscious of our inherent unity and our collective welfare, we will collectively steward the planet towards a thriving future.”  - Bob Anderson & Bill Adams, Mastering Leadership

              For the sake of future generation and our beloved home.

              For the sake of future generation and our beloved home.