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Research on the Didgeridoo

The Aboriginal people of Australia are reported to have used their “yidaki” (modern name, didgeridoo) as a healing tool for thousands of years and one tradition holds that its primordial sound created the world and everything in it. Stories passed down through many generations of their culture tell of healing broken bones, muscle tears and many kinds of illnesses using their enigmatic musical instrument. To our knowledge no medical studies have been conducted in which the yidaki’s healing power has been tested, although its acoustic output is in alignment with some modern audible sound therapy devices so it is not surprising that it has healing properties. Studies of the benefits of playing the yidaki instrument have been conducted and a paper in the Journal of Rural Health concluded that yidaki playing alleviated the symptoms of asthma in school children.9 Another study, reported in the British Medical Journal, concluded that it helped sleep apnea.