Whole Life Rejuvenation Circle for Support & Empowerment

Wednesday, March 1st: Going Forth with Courageous Action -  8:00pm ET / 5:00pm PT

 In the spirit of gathering 'round the fire, each week this will be a place for us to come together
for support, inspiration, accountability, courage, to refocus the mind and revitalize our courage
to make each week conscious, empowering, and meaningful.


The sliding scale contribution for these weekly sessions is $20-40 per call.  Below is a payment chart guide:

The best way to pay is to send money via paypal as a friend or family member, so its free for both of us.  If you don't have a paypal account, pay by clicking this link: www.paypal.me/themedicinetree.   You are also welcome to send a check to Lev Natan, 530 3rd Ave, Suite 5R, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

Once you have registered, email me at lev@themedicinetree.com, and share what you hope to receive from the call. 

Details for the Call:

Call-in Number: (515) 739-1030
Access Code/PIN: 510-237-408

For international call-in details visit: https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/510-237-408


About This Group Session:

In my own life, and in the web of life in which we are all embedded, I see that our greatest source of distress (and power) is the elephant-in-the-room...

Our living systems are in danger of collapsing under the weight of our Industrial Growth Society.  You are well aware of this, and concerned, yet how much time and space do you give to actually be with these feelings?

If we don’t give space in our lives to feel what we truly feel, we miss out on the unexpected reservoir of life force within us - our passion, power, creativity, and courage that flows underneath the low-level anxiety, chronic stress, worry, and, at times, even despair.

This weekly group is dedicated to unleashing our life force in service to the great web of life, so we can show up in our humanness, be real, courageous, creative, and fully aligned with our deepest held beliefs, values and desires to live a life of contribution to a life-sustaining future.

Our theme for February is: The Power to Choose

Our focus for each week is as follows: (note the change from Wednesday nights to Thursday nights

  • Wed, Feb 1st: Gratitude and Self Care
  • Wed, Feb 8th: Liberating Pain into Power
  • Thursday, Feb 16th: Seeing With New Eyes 
  • Wed, Feb 22nd: Deep Time - Gathering Strength From the Ancestors and Future Generations
  • Wed, March 1st: Going Forth with Courageous Action

" I have very much enjoyed the rhythm and structure of the program, and the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of people who are on similar paths, as well as the combination of deep spiritual wisdom, simple meditative practices and lots of practical assignments.  I also love feeling like all of me is honored and engaged in the process. That way each step feels like it is coming from the sacred heart and acting out in the real world."

- Catherine Klebl, Sound & Energy Healer | www.awakeningtoheal.com

During the course of work I was able to form strong intentions—focusing on relationship with my partner, and leadership in my business. Both of these underwent positive changes.  The best part has been a regular, manageable commitment to attend to myself with the help of a patient, accepting ear, and sound counsel.  I had the sense with Lev of being supported and accepted. I also appreciated his use of tools, which he offered skillfully.  I recommend Lev to anyone who is available to change, and ready to inhabit presence more fully."

- Jason Stern, Founder of Luminary Publishing & Publisher of Chronogram Magazine / www.chronogram.com

I feel that the circle with Lev allowed me to become grounded and speak the truth about myself. The framework that was offered allowed me to access a deeper part of me, a more natural part, which lead me closer to myself.  I am now clear about my needs and, therefore, make conscious and empowering choices that are right for me.  The context that Lev provides led me to the essential parts of my life, I could do what I'm here for.

-Helena Kalmoose Christiansen, Feng Shui / Home Coach, Counselor & Writer | Copenhagen, Denmark