Monthly Impact Calls gather in a Zoom Video Conference Room as a growing community of social change makers to focus on amplifying our individual and collective influence and impact for a viable future.  Specifically, we focus on: 

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  1. Your personal calling that guides the weaving of your unique thread within the fabric of the whole.
  2. The Leadership it takes to show up and demonstrate your commitment to what you care about most. 
  3. Sound Principles & Practices that allow you to walk your talk with integrity and authenticity.


Theme For June:  Thursday, June 7th | 9:00 - 10:10am ET

The Difference We Make In The Lives of Others
& The Difference Others Make In Our Life

This month we will hear from members of our weekly Sound Leadership Councils about the impact that the councils are having in their lives, and the impact that they are able to make in the lives of others because they have the council for support, encouragement and accountability.

We will also invite you to share what you are doing in your life that is making a difference for you, and how you are then able to show up more fully and make a difference for others.

Lastly, we will discuss how to create more opportunities for conversations with the people in your life who you serve to hear the difference that you make in their lives.  This is a benefit for you, because it helps you to learn what is working, and it benefits them, because they get to articulate and give voice to the difference that you are making, which acknowledges the positive change in their lives.

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We welcome you into our growing community.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns before becoming a member, feel free to email Lev directly at

Last Month's Theme (recording available):


Our Theme for May:  The Practice of Centerpiecing

Think of an aspect of your work.  Time management, commitment, vision, strategic planning, execution, the struggle to show up with your full leadership capacity...pick one area of focus:

What's so about that issue?  

What's possible?

What now?

These 3 simple questions brought together in a coherent and elegant sequence, weave together a wholistic - body, heart, mind - intelligence to generate an emergent field for what you want to create.  For example, here's one that I did with a client at the end of a 3-Week Medicine Walk Program. 


He is a sensitive, kind man who connected with a deeper sense of his healthy masculine drive, which allows for greater authorship in his life, which invites values-based decision-making, and establishes fire-power in the field in which he engages all aspects of his life. This clarity helped him to move forward and commit to the actions that were non-negotiables, instead of being in a pattern of waiting and compromising his essential needs.

This practice will help you to integrate complex experiences and issues in your life into a coherent perspective that emerges from your deepest wellspring of intelligence and wisdom.

Theme for April: How Taking a Walk in Nature Connects Your with Deeper Guidance & Your Calling

Our community practice is to take a medicine walk at the beginning of each seasonal cycle.  As we have just begun springtime, we are carving out intentional time to look and listen more deeply, to set our course for the season ahead.  Watch this 8-minute video - it will help you understand what you will receive from this powerful practice. 

The more efficient a force is, 
the more silent and the more subtle it is
— Mahatma Gandhi

Themes for Upcoming Months include:

  • July - Applying Principles of Sound (i.e. Entrainment, Coherence, Resonance, Cymatics) into Our Personal Growth Journeys and Collective Movements for Change
  • August - Natural Rhythm Time Management: How to Be Productive, Effective and In-Flow, More of The Time
  • September - The Growing Edge Principle: Liberating Your Life Force through the Power of The Next Step 

Joining The Alliance also includes:

  1. Membership in our private facebook community

  2. Priority to participate in our Weekly Sound Leadership Councils and Bi-Annual Retreat (next one in Sept/Oct 2018, date TBD).

  3. Starting in the Autumn of 2018, we will be inviting special guest thought leaders to share their perspectives, and engage in dynamic conversations, on individual & collective healing, leadership and impact.

more about the Origins of The Alliance 

The vision for these calls is that they are seeding another project called The Alliance for a Viable Future, which emerged out of The Medicine Tree Vision of old-growth redwood trees sprouting up all around our beautiful planet, renewing our world through a resonant latticework of coherence. 

This root metaphor guides our work together by seeing that we each have the potential to stand tall, in leadership, and serve our ecosystem like magnificent old-growth trees.  To do this, we need to support each other like the redwood trees do - through an interconnected root system that stabilizes and nourishes our integral Earth Community.

How does this inspiring vision translate into practice?

The Alliance is in an exciting stage of growth and development.  Our vision is for individuals, organizations, and community groups who are care deeply about the earth and the whole web-of-life, and are committed to working towards a viable future for generations to come, with other ChangeMakers who are on a similar journey of inner and outer growth and action.

We see the need to weave relationships among ChangeMakers who live in community together - locally and bioregionally.  The Medicine Tree is centrally located for the Northeast Bioregion, our primary focus is to develop the network, here, while also being open to and supportive of ChangeMakers in other bioregions to join The Alliance and initiate the weaving process in other bioregions.

The Alliance will definitely activate your own capacities to achieve your goals, in regards to livelihood, relationships, and wellbeing, we know that its not enough to just achieve our personal goals. As ChangeMakers, we understand that coming together in this intentional council of caring, commitment and courage, generates a field of coherence that is collectively entraining a resonant frequency of consciousness that, in-and-of-itself, amplifies the influence and impact of the global movement for social and ecological change.