“Working with Lev enhanced my ability to see into the future with clarity, grace, and excitement. He is a gifted teacher who understands what his students need to create a lasting legacy.

- Judy Schneider, Transformational Coach for Women

Founder of Healing Through Horses

If you are spiritually conscious, globally aware, and socially committed to impact,
The Medicine Tree is here to spark your leadership skills and amplify your role as a force for transformation in your community and business.  

Ancient medicine trees offer stability, health, wisdom and resilience to their ecosystem.
We nurture these old-growth capacities through sound healing and leadership coaching for individuals, groups and organizations.


Our Work

The Medicine Tree offers sound healing and leadership coaching for you to gain massive traction on your most important work; by
(1) d
eveloping a clear vision, (2) defining specific goals, and (3) moving through limiting beliefs and emotions to take courageous action.

Our Founder

Vision is the key to effective leadership.  
Sound activates the creative imagination to see, feel, and connect with the heart.

As a leadership coach, I stand with clients as they bring practical meaning to their inner visions discovered through sound healing.

The Latest

Tap into the vibrancy of The Medicine Tree through our blog with articles, interviews, and events.

Here we share the latest about our work, insights on living an embodied practice, and invites to upcoming opportunities.  


“I had what I would call the most powerful meditative visioning experience with Lev... I am no stranger to meditation, but this was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before."

- Uma Girish, Grief Guide

Author of Hay House memoir "Losing Amma, Finding Home"

"This program gave me the tools to cultivate a clear overarching vision for how all my passions and skills could weave together into one coherent expression... Now I've launched my business -- Voice Journey Sound Center -- and am feeling extremely blessed to be moving forward with this work.  I have a deep sense of trust in the path I have chosen"

Stephanie Rooker, Sound Healing Facilitator

Founder of Voice Journey Sound Center

"Through this program, the vision for my life's work has become clear - to help cultivate a network of walkable, locally resilient communities where people have easy access to nature, neighborhood, and the work of their heart, and the larger history of which they are a part--communities where people produce and consume as much as possible of life's necessities as close as possible to where they live."

-Mark D., Writer & Editor

Founder of Green Village Communications