Dear Fellow ChangeMaker,

Welcome to The Medicine Tree.  Since you've found your way here, I imagine that you work as a socially conscious organizational leader, holistic practitioner, or eco-social entrepreneur.  Or maybe you're an emerging thought leader, activist, spiritual leader, community organizer, or creative educator.  Or you might even be in the in-between-place of transition, sensing a readiness to step more deeply into your calling and unique expression of leadership.

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What's clear is that you care deeply about the earth and the whole web-of-life.  You're committed to working towards a viable future for generations to come and your heart feels warm when you connect authentically with other ChangeMakers who are on a similar journey of inner and outer growth. 

While you have big visions for what's possible for humanity and the earth, and you're doing your best to walk your to talk, it's hard.  At times it feels lonely, heavy, overwhelming and even disorienting.  In these turbulent times, you feel nourished by being part of something greater. 

The Medicine Tree could be a good fit for you if...

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  • You love the idea of living a conscious, integrated life, with a seamless connection between work, inner growth and community.
  • You're up to something or you feel it growing inside of you - and it feels big.
  • You're a good person, living a basically good life, but there's an edge that you aren't pushing, and you sense its important that you do.
  • You've been around the block, in terms of "working on yourself" - and you don't need another technique and you're not looking for a quick fix.
  • You sense that accountability and a community-of-practice would be a grounded way to inspire, rejuvenate and help you focus on what's most important.
  • You feel as though you're doing your best, but you know that there is more to be done, and you sense that it’s possible.  But, you aren't quite sure what "it" is, or how to make it happen.

If so, I imagine you want to...

  • Feel more solid in your alignment between values, vision and how you're actually living your exceptions.
  • Actualize on another level - its just time, you can feel it.
  • Peel away the "old layer of skin", the patterns that no longer serve.
  • Stand up and emanate your light, consistently, in more moments during your day.
  • Execute more effectively, practically speaking, in every aspect of your life,
  • Cultivate a more consistent sense of calm, clarity, gratitude and heart-connection
  • Explore a greater spectrum of multi-dimensional consciousness and awareness, and as a means to show up with expanded presence, resonance, compassion, coherence, wisdom and creative imagination.
  • Integrate your way of being more consciously into what you're doing, so its more meaningful and impactful

We might love each other if...

  • You love being in nature, and feel immense reverence when listening to the wind rustling the leaves, the stream gurgling over the rocks, or the birds singing to the morning sun.
  • You are intrigued with the magic of sound, as a means to healing, meditation, shamanic journeying and connecting to a deeper sense of meaning and creative possibility
  • You value integrity and aspire to embody it, with humility, realness and courage, more and more each day.
  • You feel your heart beat louder, with an unexplainable sense of knowing, when you have meaningful conversations about the ancient prophecies and the great changes that weave us together.
  • You do your best to treat your relationships as sacred and precious.

Hi, I'm Lev Natan, owner of The Medicine Tree.

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I've been helping changemakers like you to amplify their influence and impact for almost a decade now, and a lot of them have found it useful to have the guidance, outside perspective,  and sense of community.

I'm committed to supporting you to connect with:

  1. Your personal calling that guides the weaving of your unique thread into the web-of-life.
  2. The leadership it takes to show up and demonstrate your commitment to what you care about most. 
  3. Sound Principles & Practices that allow you to walk your talk.
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Why is my business called The Medicine Tree? 

The Medicine Tree emerged out of an inspiring vision that I saw in 2006 of old-growth redwood trees sprouting up all around our beautiful planet,  renewing our world through a latticework of coherence.  This root metaphor guides my work by seeing that we each have the potential to stand tall, serve our ecosystem like magnificent old-growth trees, but, to do this, we need to support each other like the redwood trees do - through an interconnected root system that stabilizes and nourishes the whole forest community.

What can you find on our website?

I offer lots of free stuff, so you can get a sense of my point-of-view in order to tune-in to whether you feel the resonance.  The Medicine Tree's Interview Series, Blog, and Facebook live videos are the best, as well as signing up for my email newsletter below.

I find a deep value in convening small groups to attune to the deep intelligence inherent in the collective field.  I invite you take take a look at the Rings of The Medicine Tree: 7 Levels of Commitment on the services page, to see how I organize the process of connection.  

Also, my beloved wife, Sarah, and I have been developing our Acupuncture Soundbath Workshops since we first met in 2014, which focus on a view of health and well-being as being in alignment with the cycles of seasons.  

Lastly, thank you for who you are and for what you do.  I offer a deep bow of respect, reverence, appreciation, and acknowledgement to you, for the valiant, significant and impactful efforts and contributions that you are already making to catalyze change in yourself, humanity and the earth.  Thank you for your dedication to show up and demonstrate your commitment to what you care about most.  

This can’t be said enough.  In those times when you are feeling unappreciated for your efforts, please come back to this page and read this part again.  Thank you so much, from the deepest wellspring in my heart, for what you do and for who you are.  We are all nourished when you choose to listen to your calling and weave your unique and essential thread into the fabric of the whole.

Please feel free to reach out and connect anytime, and thank you, again, for taking the time to visit The Medicine Tree.

in grateful service,


“ If we surrendered to Earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted, like trees.”
— Rainer Maria Rilke

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“Working with The Medicine Tree has brought forth a finer quality in my leadership.
This holistic approach brings me to the heart of what I need to look at and change in order to grow and lead effectively.”  

-Fabiola Gaerlan, Director/Owner of Honeydew Drop Day Care



"Working with The Medicine Tree enhanced my ability to see into the future with clarity, grace, and excitement.  Lev is a gifted teacher who understands what his students need to create a lasting legacy."

-Judy Schneider, Transformational Coach for Women / Founder of Healing Through Horses

“With The Medicine Tree's support, the vision for my life's work has become clear - to cultivate a network of walkable, locally resilient communities where people produce and consume as much as possible of life's necessities as close as possible to where they live."

- Mark Dwortzan, Communications Officer for the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change,
MIT Center for Global Change Science

“The Medicine Tree gave me the tools to cultivate a clear overarching vision for how all my passions and skills could weave together into one coherent expression...Now I've launched my business - Voice Journey Sound Center - and am feeling extremely blessed to be moving forward with this work.  I have a deep sense of trust in the path I have chosen."

-Stephanie Rooker, Founder of Voice Journey Sound Center